The Global Compass

Welcome to The Global Compass.

The aim of The Global Compass is fourfold:

  • to decipher the dynamics of changing societies around the world and to identify innovative and concrete responses and policy to prevent radicalization and to build inclusive societies;
  • to provide information, benchmark and insights to understand and to navigate an increasingly complex and diverse world;
  • to foster exchanges and collaborative action among a wide range of actors, being corporate, governments, NGOs, academics, philanthropists, social and mainstream media, religious leaders;
  • to mobilize the corporate sector, and particularly the entertainment industry to be the advocates and agents for building inclusive, participative and pluralistic societies.

The Global Compass will be an inclusive platform. Identity and the urgent need to revisit what it means today has become one of the central issues in all societies around the world in order to be able to live together in peace. It requires the participation of all, not just Governments.  The business sector , civil society , local communities have demonstrated a huge creativity to sort out complex societal issues. The S of CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility – shouldn’t mean only Social but also Societal.

The challenge at stake is to be creative and to find out how to combine harmoniously people’s legitimate aspiration for their culture and tradition with the need to develop their global perspective and responsibility. And to make these two dimensions complementary rather than antagonistic. The most successful societies today are those who bank on diversity and pluralism and create a climate conducive to the participation of all.
The logo of the Global Compass is an illustration of its very objectives, featuring a map and a compass for the navigation of the world, giving a sense of clear direction and responsibility to lead ; with an eye in the center inspired by the famous futuristic architect Claude Nicolas Ledoux, to express a 360 degrees perspective on societies and transparency.

The Global Compass will set a course – building inclusive society – but this tremendous task is definitely not a one size fit all. The Global Compass is meant and designed to be an interactive and solution oriented platform where all readers are encouraged to contribute and to comment.

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