Inauguration of DOC India dialogues in Delhi

DOC CEO  Jean-Christophe Bas introduced and moderated a debate on “30 years after the end of the Cold War: Global implications and prospective trends” with former Indian Vice President Hamid Ansari and former Chancellor of Austria  Dr Alfred Gusenbauer (June 2019). Hamid Ansari shared his vision of how the reality of today’s world differs from what international scholars and pundits forecasted 30 years …

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Addressing the Islamic University in Kuala Lumpur and GMMF Lecture

Jean-Christophe Bas will be delivering two speeches in Kuala Lumpur at the invitation of the CEO of the Global Movement of the Moderates Dr. Mat Isa Nasharudin. On February 6th , he will address the “Rise of Islamophobia and the conflict of European Identity” and on 7th February , 2017 at the invitation of International Islamic University of Malaysia, he will address “The …

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With Primer Minister Justin Trudeau, discussing the Global Connecters Peace Initiative

On the occasion of the Summit of the International Organisation of Francophone countries held in Tananarive (Madagascar) on November 26, 2016, Jean-Christophe Bas had a one on one discussion with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, one of the world leading figures in the promotion of pluralism, diversity and building inclusive society. Bas took this opportunity to present to PM Trudeau …

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Bucharest Forum : a call for strengthening Multilateralism

Jean-Christophe Bas was invited by the Aspen Institute and the German Marshall Fund of the United States as a guest speaker during the opening dinner of the Bucharest Forum (October 5-7th, 2016). Together with Calin Ungur, State Counselor to the Prime  Minister of Romania and Rudiger Lentz, Executive Director of the Aspen Institute Germany, they discussed the theme “Mediterranean and Black Sea …

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Addressing the 14th Edition of the World Public Forum

The 14th Annual Session of the World Public Forum was held in Rhodes on September 30 – October 1, 2016. The overarching theme of the Forum was “The Clash of Multiplicity: an Urgent Call for Dialogue”. Together with former President of the Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus and Jomo Sundaram, former UN assiatnt Secretary General for Economic development , Prof Richard …

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Discussing Innovation with Walter Isaacson, President of the Aspen Institute and author of Steve Job’s biography

In his capacity as member of the executive Board of the Aspen Institute in France, Jean-Christophe Bas hosted Walter Isaacson, the former CEO of CNN, for a discussion on Innovation and the Digital Revolution. The event was hosted by ESL Network and was attended by its CEO Alexandre Medvedowsky, Stephane Richard, CEO of Orange, Frédéric Mazella, Founder and CEO of …

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How to handle rapid change in societies ? Make the moderate majority matter

Tensions are rising worldwide as countries experience rapid change provoked by migration, technology and globalisation – from Europe to the Middle East, Asia to the Americas. The ways in which societies work and the identities that people hold are ever more contested, risking conflict and chaos. In particular, a serious and antagonistic gap is growing between the religious and the …

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Promoting Education for Democratic Citizenship in Turkey

14 April 2015 . The Minister of National Education, Nabi AVCI opened the closing conference of about 350 participants from Turkey and from other member states of the Council of Europe who met to celebrate the achievements and to reflect on the lessons learned from the four-year 6.1 million Euro project Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education (“Generation Democracy”), funded …

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