(from left to right Suresh Keshawani member of India Parliament, Alfred Gusenbaeur former Prime Minister of Austria, Hamid Ansari Former Indian Vice-President ,Vladimir Yakunin former CEO of Russian Railways, Jean Christophe Bas)

Inauguration of DOC India dialogues in Delhi

DOC CEO  Jean-Christophe Bas introduced and moderated a debate on “30 years after the end
of the Cold War: Global implications and prospective trends” with former Indian Vice
President Hamid Ansari and former Chancellor of Austria  Dr Alfred Gusenbauer (June 2019).

Hamid Ansari shared his vision of how the reality of today’s world differs from what international scholars and pundits forecasted 30 years ago, and highlighted that mechanisms are needed for navigating through the vast ocean of multiplying challenges and uncertainties.
He noted that empowering people to straighten their capacities has to be the main objective of development as well as its principal source.
There followed two panel discussions on “India in the region and the world: Leadership through dialogue” and “India and its neighbours: Prospects for economic cooperation and development”.

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