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Bringing “Diversity on board”

Canadian cities are among the most diverse regions of the world, with immigrants and visible minorities comprising an increasing share of their population. There are more than 170,000 nonprofit and charitable organizations in Canada, many of which are headquartered in urban centres. All are governed by boards of directors, drawn from members of the public. In addition, municipal, provincial and …

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The Economist launches The Global Diversity List (GDL)

The objective of the Global Diversity List is to create global diversity standard that covers every strand of diversity, in every country, in the world. The results of the Global Diversity List will be released annually, with the first list being published in October 2015. Why create a Global Diversity List (GDL)? Benchmarking the diversity profession The diversity profession has developed …

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Indonesia Commitment to Diversity

Bhinneka Tunggal Ika is the official national motto of Indonesia. The phrase is Old Javanese translated as “Unity in Diversity“. It is inscribed in the Indonesian national symbol, Garuda Pancasila (written on the scroll gripped by the Garuda’s claws), and is mentioned specifically in article 36A of the Constitution of Indonesia. It is a quotation from an Old Javanese poem Kakawin Sutasoma, written by Mpu Tantular during the reign of the Majapahit empire …

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