The Economist launches The Global Diversity List (GDL)

The objective of the Global Diversity List is to create global diversity standard that covers every strand of diversity, in every country, in the world. The results of the Global Diversity List will be released annually, with the first list being published in October 2015.

Why create a Global Diversity List (GDL)?

Benchmarking the diversity profession
The diversity profession has developed organically as a branch of Human Resources over the last two decades. As yet, there are no formal qualifications required to be a diversity professional. The creation of the GDL addresses this fundamental weakness in the profession.

Benchmarking company performance in diversity – (Benchmarking is planned for 2016 Initial list will be voted by Readers of The Economist’)

No universal, global, independent standard exists that can quantify the performance of organisations in the delivery of diversity. The creation of a GDL will address this fundamental weakness in the assessment of company performance in diversity.

The GDL will become the gold standard for diversity, globally. All organisations who wish to be seen as credible corporate players in the field of diversity will be required to be accredited by the Global Diversity List.

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