Liao Xiangzhong, president of the CUC

Communication University of China launches Chinese Institute for a Community with Shared Future

Jean-Christophe Bas was invited to give a keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the Institute for a Community with Shared Future, hosted by the Communication University of China (CUC), in Beijing (December 2019)

The vision of Community with Shared Future has been developed by President Xi in the past few years to present his vision of globalization and relations among cultures and civilizations. In this speech, Bas stressed that the creation of the Institute was a timely initiative indeed, with the world finding itself in profound reconfiguration and in need of engaging in a global conversation about common views and what keeps humanity together.

The year 2020 will celebrate the 75th  anniversary of the United Nations andwill be a unique moment to discuss the role of international cooperation. There Bas signed with Liao Xiangzhong, president of the CUC, a Memorandum of Understanding with an ambitious cooperation agenda.


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